#13 Packaging of Conquest
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== Name ==
Conquest DICOM software

== Link to source code ==

== Licence ==
Public Domain (check and confirm)

== Short description ==
Some possible applications of the Conquest DICOM software are:

DICOM training and testing
Demonstration and research image archives
Image format conversion from a scanner with DICOM network access
DICOM image viewing and slide making
DICOM image selection, (limited) editing, and splitting and merging of series
Advanced scriptable image modification, filtering, forwarding and conversion
DICOM caching and archive merging
DICOM web access for viewing and data management (scriptable)

== Bugzilla Entry(if any) ==

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13|2011/08/11 13:43:23|ankursinha|comment|1|Working on this.
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13|2011/08/20 11:06:08|ankursinha|comment|2|Mail to upstream:


I'm trying to build conquest as a part of the fedora-medical initiative.
It's a great software and would be a valuable addition to our package

I see that conquest uses libjpeg version 6c. However, the stable
versions of libjpeg are 6b and 8c. Would it be possible to use these
versions instead? 

The conquest source bundles the libjpeg source, however libjpeg is
already available in fedora. When I try to build against the fedora
version, it gives errors such as:

> 663 nkiqrsop.cpp:5714:11: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'data_precision_other'$
>  664 nkiqrsop.cpp:5855:38: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'lossless'$
>  665 nkiqrsop.cpp:5863:8: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'lossless'$
>  666 nkiqrsop.cpp:5864:8: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'lossless_scaling'$
>  667 nkiqrsop.cpp:5866:12: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'lossless'$
>  668 nkiqrsop.cpp:5866:54: error: 'jpeg_simple_lossless' was not declared in this scope$
>  669 nkiqrsop.cpp:5872:11: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'lossless'$
>  670 nkiqrsop.cpp:5883:11: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'data_precision_other'$
>  671 nkiqrsop.cpp:5954:27: error: 'struct jpeg_compress_struct' has no member named 'data_precision_other'$

Bundling libraries is strongly suggested against while building
packages. This page details why[2]

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-medical
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:No_Bundled_Libraries
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13|2012/06/26 20:52:45|ankursinha|comment|3|No response from upstream. Stalled. 
13|2012/06/26 20:52:45|ankursinha|milestone|Packaging-in-progress|Packaging-wishlist
13|2012/06/26 20:52:45|ankursinha|owner|ankursinha|
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