#7 Consider table display formatting
Opened 2 years ago by jflory7. Modified a year ago

Discussed in 2016-10-07 Design team meeting.


The current MediaWiki theme forces tables to render as tables. The new theme does not follow this behavior, using bootstrap tables instead. This could cause some large tables to become difficult to read in a theme upgrade.


Some teams use formatting for tables to neatly organize data, and it is used as a layout design for the wiki page. This does not reflect cleanly for larger tables in the new theme. It would be worth considering the potential impact of how tables are viewable in the new design.

So, the main difference to me looks like just a border?

Lack of any kind of borders, lack of clear differentiation of header rows, columns squished right up against each other...

Here are some other bad-looking tables in the new theme:


they really look a lot worse than they did before.

Okies, I need to figure out how to best apply the styles here.

In the meantime, we can add a class="table" to use the bootstrap table styles on your tables.

I did the first table on this page here:


For what it's worth, the best "temporary" fix is adding class=wikitable to the table style. This renders a page clearly as a table and I found it easiest to read.

Another table example that comes out poorly is the Font styles tables. See for example https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Apanov_Edrip_fonts vs. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mozilla_Fira_fonts (fixed with @jflory7's suggestion above).

@jflory7 FWIW, this is the base mediawiki way of doing things -- tables are unformatted unless you add the wikitable class.

TBH, i think we should do this way going forward, although it would mean updating the wikisource of all the pages that use tables.

Well, I was adding the class=wikitable where I find a table. It's better to use the class than modify something.

Another example: the Fedora release schedule pages are now basically unreadable:


I prefer having tables assume the wikitable class because of how many tables are rendered unreadable. I think the wikitable class added to tables by default would save a lot of manual work to update legacy information to the new table format.

I also think it's confusing to a user when their table doesn't look correct, unless they use a niche tag to add borders and spacing to their tables. I would never have known how to fix them unless @x3mboy had told me about the class.

ping? just found yet another case of this, and one I can't fix, as it's in a protected page:


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