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#34 FUDPub attendance logistics

Created 8 years ago by pfrields
Modified 8 years ago

Is there a way we can have non-prereg'd people attend FUDPub, but reserve the food and beverages for those who signed up early? That way, we don't have to seem exclusive to Seneca students who want to hang out.

If we had paper bracelets or some other easily-spotted marker, it would make the group more or less self-policing, i.e. "People with a bracelet get food and drinks, everyone else fends for him/herself." Then we could just let the good times roll, and be able to tell people, "Sure, you can come to FUDPub -- we can't afford to feed everyone because of the budget, but we'd love to be able to hang out with everyone there."

SupaWife is looking for the tamper-evident, paper event "bracelets" at the nearby office stores. Will report back once I know more.

Preregistered people will have badges; we can just use those as a marker of preregistration rather than bracelets, and trust that people will be honest.

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