#33 Update Wiki pages about Free Media distribution
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I came across this page in my wiki travels... it has:
ThomasChung (Project Lead), but his User page says he is no longer
active in Fedora.


Some of the other pages (sorry I didn't note them) also seemed a little stale as it relates to our free medaia program.

Talked with inode0 and herlo; this isn't an Ambassadors project. Will ping Karlie (Distribution Project) and Susmit (Free Media) asking them to either archive or update these pages for F12, as it seems to not be owned by any of the teams listed.

We should check into this wrt the intersection of Ambassadors and Marketing. Maybe something to bring up at the postmortem for F13.

I am very active at Freemedia, I can help as bridge from marketing to freemedia subproject.
Please keep in mind that freemedia has nothing to do with media for events.
I did last mayor edit for freemedia wiki page and also maintain a Spanish translation.
There has been some talks for editing freemedia wiki again and this new effort was lead by Alan Bruces (user: Muckypups).
For distribution project Susmit was developing a wonderful plan to integrate all distribution channels into one page. Channels like: Online vendors, regular stores, magazines issues carrying free disk, sponsored media, and freemedia. Then it was latter added the idea of including a event calendar, as you probably can get media at a event (at least copy the iso to your pendrive). Everything was filtered by geo-ip, so the first view of the page should be really useful data. I did beta-testing of the site and looked promising.

Reassigned this to ke4qqq per his volunteering in 6/1/10 marketing meeting - he will track down / delegate stuff here.

I am taking this ticket per the marketing meeting.

ccing susmit as he is the de facto if not the actual freemedia lead.

Susmit: Is this task something that needs help from marketing, or can it be handled within freemedia?? If there is something you need from us, please let us know.


Reassigning to yn1v per #fedora-ambassadors discussion. He can't get to it for a few weeks, so I'll take it of the meeting list for now.

18:52 < yn1v> do you know what is the thing with freemedia from marketing point of
18:53 < ke4qqq> the wiki page is outdated
18:53 < ke4qqq> and somehow got assigned to marketing to freshen it up
18:53 < yn1v> freemedia or distribution ?
18:53 < ke4qqq> it still refers to tchung, who hasn't been around in years
18:53 < ke4qqq> freemedia I think
18:54 < yn1v> I bet is distribution, as I rewrite freemedia recently and there is
no mention of tchung
18:55 * inode0 ran across tchung recently
18:56 -!- johe_ [~johe@p57B3C1B8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #fedora-ambassadors
18:57 < yn1v> ke4qqq, I am willing to help refresh distribution pages, but I am
afraid that apart from freemedia distribution is dead
18:58 < ke4qqq> hmmmm ok - if you want to take that ticket, feel free to.
18:58 < ke4qqq> rbergeron: ^^
18:58 * rbergeron will come back to this in a minute
18:59 < yn1v> where did I said that I want the helm of it ? hahahaha
18:59 < ke4qqq> yn1v: 'I am willing to help refresh distribution pages....'
18:59 < ke4qqq> :)
19:00 < yn1v> okey, I can debate or I can take it ... I will take it
19:01 < inode0> distribution seems a futile endeavor to me
19:01 < ke4qqq> yn1v: :) if you need help, don't hesitate to ask
19:01 < yn1v> I am going to start on June 15th on that
19:01 * inode0 even saw that get laughed at in #rhel a week or two back
19:01 < inode0> dead links, links for F7, etc.
19:02 < yn1v> I have multiple events to take care next two weeks
19:02 < inode0> I don't know how that can ever be presented in a good way when we
don't know what these people are doing
19:02 < yn1v> inode0, I know
19:03 < rbergeron> yn1v: do you want me to reassign that ticket to you?
19:03 < yn1v> It is a page that needs a lot of work to keep it updated.
19:03 < rbergeron> unless ke4qqq already has
19:03 < ke4qqq> I haven't yet
19:04 < rbergeron> i don't think it's a pressing thing - i can assign it to you
and just note that you're not getting to it for a few weeks
19:04 < yn1v> Yes assing the ticket

Milestone F14a: Pre-alpha deleted

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