#302 Marketing plan for content from Fedora Women's Day
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This ticket has two main objectives/outcomes:
1. Well built concepts to guide creation of content.
2. Marketing plan to roll out the content to the relevant audiences.

Our first priority will be getting the sessions edited and up on to Youtube so that everyone can access those asap.

Once that is done we will focus on creating several short videos with the various recordings and other content we have captured. Here are a few of the ideas (which still need refinement):
1. D&I video based off the script we had speakers read
2. A FWD 2020 highlights reel
- include some poll info
- include quotes grabbed from chats about people's FWD experience
- include short excerpts from presentations
3. Selections from the Q&A

While we work on the creation of this content, we will also work on a plan for promoting it on our various social media platforms and further. I would like to use the content from this event as a way to promote women & non-binary inclusion in Fedora. The marketing plan should include some specific markets to target and layout a plan to reach that audience.

Please feel free to leave feedback on this plan, can we improve? Are there more ideas for content we can create?

I think it would be beneficial to create a 12-15 highlight reel from FWD for folks who don't want to sit through hours of recorded sessions. It would be nice to include some clips that illustrate some of the main takeaways from the event:
- be persistent
- don't be afraid to take risks
- ask for help
- finding strength in fellowship with other Fedorans
I think we could mix this is with some of the polls, to bring a lighter side to the video. These could be paired with some video of our speakers laughing, or people interacting during the event.
The quotes we grab from chats can be things like the following for example:
"so inspiring"
"I never thought about it that way"
"that is good to hear"

I think we could go a couple of ways here.
- Many of the speakers spoke about how important their experience with their mentors was. It could be cool to make a video marketed toward potential mentors describing the various benefits of mentorship illustrated by the speakers words.
- I also asked many of the speakers in the Q&A if they went to school for tech, or when they got involved in Fedora/tech. There was a wide variety of answers. I think this is an important story to tell- that people can enter the Fedora/tech community at any stage in life, with a range of experience.
- I bet there are more! I will most likely be re-watching the content and I will take notes if I come up with more ideas.

++ for focus on the mentorship dynamic. For the video format, would it be of benefit to accompany those clips with some clips of words from fedora mentors talking? we could do like 1-3* questions such as "what do you find most fulfilling about mentoring with Fedora Linux?".
- Suggestion for video: source free stock video footage that we can put audio clips of speakers over (and mix with FWD footage as well)

  • Regarding your second point, would we be able to make a series of images formatted to different social media platform sizes that tell these stores? These narratives would be great to pair with relevant links and imagery that could be appealing to a variety of users, especially new/potential users who are exploring.
    From my own experience as a neurotic distro hopper, I found Fedora's resources amazing for learning and feeling more confident in my tech skills. Many of the speakers hit on points that speak to that as well, and the relatability of these experiences could be hit on in a set of image adverts.

With your idea about using the polls to show the lighter side, could use that as a way to characterise the positive feel of the fedora community? I'm thinking either with video overlays or more image based adverts.

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