#300 F32 wallpaper
Closed: Completed 2 years ago by alciregi. Opened 2 years ago by alciregi.

We need to add F32 wallpaper here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Wallpapers

The wallpaper is in the f32-backgrounds-base rpm package.
In addition we can add the animated wallpapers (they can be found in this package: f32-backgrounds-animated).


I've downloaded the rpms to upload the images on the wiki, but since it is my first time edition I don't have the privileges to do it.

I get this error when I try it: You need to have at least CLA+1 (group)

Could someone guide me with the right documentation on how to get the right permissions?


As per the Welcome-To-Fedora ticket, you are now allowed to edit the wiki.

Thank you!

I've added the the F32 wallpapers, let me know if it's OK.

Thank you for give me the permission.

Thank you @masch, it is ok.
I realized right now that this is more a Design team work rather than Marketing. BTW, work done.

Thank you.

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2 years ago

Thank you for give me the permission to do it!

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