#298 Content for infographic to highlight accomplishments of Fedora Marketing!
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As a thank you for all the efforts you guys put in developing and executing marketing strategies to promote usage and support of Fedora and working to deliver Fedora to new audiences, the design team is working on a set of infographics to highlight the accomplishments of all the people who worked and contributed to Fedora in the past year. 

For this, we request you to share accomplishments, stories, metrics etc. of individuals and/or teams in your group! It can be anything from new marketing initiatives to Fedora press coverage.

Hey folks! Just following up here :)
We don't want to miss out on any accomplishments that deserve to be shared with everyone!

Let me get some information for you :)

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Let me get some information for you :)

Hey @bt0dotninja! Any updates on this? :)

What if we gave the number of talking points categories collected in the last 1-2 years?

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