#297 LinkedIn Page for Fedora
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Hello Marketing Team,

I was going through different social media channels of Fedora and came across:


Note this company page is actively being updated and has 15000+ followers.

However, the same does not reflect on the following page:


Few questions to consider:
- Does this page officially belongs to Fedora?
- This page is not mentioned in the Marketing Social Networks wiki page.
- There is an entry under retired accounts in the wiki page regarding an old LinkedIn page. Do we need to understand the reason behind why it was discontinued so that no mistake is repeated?
- Do we need to have presence on LinkedIn at all?

Tushar Kumar
IRC: tusharkumar

This is interesting. It looks different from the LinkedIn community @pfrields manages.

Do we know if someone already has access to the LinkedIn page? Is it something editable or is it a generic placeholder since anyone can specify "Fedora Project" as an employer on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn page that is in the wiki looks to be unexistent, maybe it was replaced with the one that is mentioned by Tushar.

@pfrields can you check this?

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