#295 F31 screenshots
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As usual the Marketing Team will make available the screenshots of several editions each release.

Here's the last produced wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F29_screenshots_library

We have to wait F31 Final Release, right?

I can take care of these:
- the installer (Anaconda)

If needed I can do more.

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2 years ago

Now we can go:

I'm downloading everthing today, but I won't be able to do all the screenshots. I can take Cinnamon and Robotics. Who can take others?


As said before, I will do
- the installer (Anaconda)

Once done that, if still needed, I can take others.

I can do Mate-Compiz as well.

I can do Mate-Compiz as well.


I took the screenshots of Deepin Desktop too (even if it is not a spin).

I can take Cinnamon

Sorry @x3mboy I took Cinnamon screnshoots too.

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