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I just re-installed Silverblue and a suggestion came to mind. It seems like a valuable advertising space that has a captive audience (so to speak). I usually turn on my install, and walk away, but I will check in and the banner ad is definitely eye-catching. Also the left side panel seems a good place to update with each release. It could be something that would let new design group members flex some creative muscle and stay fit and active. Newbies/part-time contributors could be given a list of subjects to choose from and submit banners (size specs provided) and asked to submit them for voting/approval by an internal group. Then they could be queued for inclusion into upcoming releases. There's only a handful in the installer now, but I dont see why there could be a dozen or so, especially if they provide some kind of new information that would viewed as useful, rather than repetitive or something I already knew.

There would need to be some research into what would be ideal banner size, because when i installed in a smaller virtual machine display window the banners got cut off. This might require a change in the code of the installer, which would be another rabbit hole to follow. Also, I'm sure approval would be required and perhaps inclusion of those powers-that-be to review and approve each submission.

Probably would be a lot of work to get fully in-motion, but could be simply started by inquiring about possibility of updating the banners and if that gets an ok, figure out the rest.


This bug report led me to this page where the locations of these banners and side images can be customized. (in section 2.2).

I will research further, and get back with the dimensions, image names, and such.

Okay, I tried loading custom made png files into the locations to replace the advertising banners and the logo:

Then ran the livecd_creator to generate a new ISO but the same files showed up when I ran the anaconda setup. Maybe Im looking for a switch to use local files...

i think i need to build a product image file...

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