#286 What about Mastodon
Opened 2 years ago by alciregi. Modified a year ago

As you might know, Mastonon is a distributed social network, that it looks like Twitter. It is federated in the sense of everyone can build an a server running Mastodon (that is an open source software), and users from one instance can follow users of other instances. Sorry, I'm a bit confused, but you can look for more information googling around.

What about a Fedora presence there? If you look at the fosstodon instance (https://fosstodon.org), there are other communities and projects (Debian, OpenSuse, and so on).

Just to study and to learn something, and mainly for fun (I'm not a developer) I set up a very simple script on a server of my own, that grab articles from fedoraplanet RSS feed and from Fedora Twitter account, and publish (toots) them on Mastodon: https://botsin.space/@fastodon

What do you think?

@bproffit Is this something you could help with?

Someone in the social media team could be interested. @alciregi can you send an email about it to the social-media ML?

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