#281 F29 Talking Points
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Create the Fedora 29 talking points wiki page and gather input from Edition Working Groups and Spin SIGs in time for the Fedora 29 release.


As discussed in our last meeting, we are nearly the deadline for the F29 talking points[1]


Make sure wiki or asciidoc page is in desired format for data collection
Reach out to Working Groups / SIGs to get their updates for this coming release on the page
Marketing team further organizes / classifies information there
Agree on "final" state per each release milestone
Share with Ambassadors as a community resource


Here the link to the wiki:


it's just the skel for this release, we still need to reach all the WG/SIGs

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I've made some edits to help fill in the content. Hope this helps.

This can be considered close.

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