#277 [Suggestion] Weekly Content for Social Media
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I was thinking if there is a possibility to start a small campaign for social media platforms to reach out to more people - Facebook and Instagram mainly.

I was thinking to do something like Fedora Feature Fridays - in which we can post a poster or graphic highlighting one cool thing the users can do with Fedora. We can target specific user groups every month or keep it general.

I believe this can help in getting new Fedora Users. The same idea can be extended to show something about the Fedora Community so that more contributors can come onboard.

What do you guys think?

Hi @thelittlewonder

I loved this idea, let me tag this ticket for discuss in the next meeting (https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/marketing/#m4434)

The most difficult part will be organize and select the proper material (maybe Generate it), but sounds really good for me.

we need discuss this idea with @x3mboy (our mindshare representative) since we are marketing executors.

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As we said in our weekly meeting

Do some infographics sounds great for this weekly/biweekly campaign, here some ideas about the possible topics:


concise and easy task like:

  • Installing docker and run the hello world container.
  • Using flatpak in Gnome-software
  • Install gnome plugins
  • how to contact your local Fedora ambassador
  • how to get technical help from #fedora, ask fedora
  • how to start to contributing with the fedora project

Project pages

just pointing to some pages and their functions like

Curious / Funny programs

  • sl
  • some apps from here

Productivity Programs

a quick reference to install and use some productivity programs in fedora

  • To-do apps
  • focus Writer
  • Pomodoro programs

Fedora flavors

From desktop to cloud, and the spins


Always solving the question What is and what do they do?:

  • Mindshare
  • Marketing
  • Commops
  • Design

Obviously some of these topics will be a little difficult to become an infographic, but are just ideas, Also @x3mboy already open a ticket and we need be more specific to help the design team to create some templates for this purpose, the main questions (I just copying and pasting from the ticket response):

  • which media it will go to?
  • how big the image should be?
  • how many parts there will be to it?
  • If you have any examples in mind of what would be illustrated

even if the main idea is generate the templates and make a call to the community to generate their own infographics, we need clarify this points.

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