#276 [Suggestion] Update Fedora Project Topic on Quora
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About Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions [1]


There should be an active Fedora Project Topic [2] on Quora.


We can target the Beginner Fedora Users from this platform. From what I have seen over the years is that newbies mostly search for questions like "How to do X in Fedora", "Which is the best Linux distro for Y".


We can update the logo, Topic FAQ and about section of the existing Quora Topic.

We can also start answering some basic questions about Fedora, which don't have a detailed answer yet. Example: [3]

I've been a Quora user for 4 years now. So I would love to help in anyway possible.

[1] : http://quora.com/
[2] : https://www.quora.com/topic/Fedora-Project-1
[3] : https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-options-to-control-screen-brightness-in-fedora

Yeah, as you can see Ankur Sinha @ankursinha (a.k.a FranciscoD) respond most of the questions and refers to ask fedora (https://ask.fedoraproject.org/), this is our q&a platform. Maybe we can ask to the fedora-join team if they needs help with quora.

I will tag this for discuss the next meeting ( https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/marketing/#m4434)

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I don't really monitor Quora for Fedora---questions are rare and we have little or no community presence on the platform. Given that we've put in a bit of work to establish Ask Fedora which follows the same format and is better suited to troubleshooting, my personal policy is to funnel users to it. When I do my rounds if I see a question that can be answered (most are duplicates from Ask Fedora, or purely opinion based "which is the best distro" type questions that have no correct answer and I try to avoid such questions), I do it, but that's the limit of my Fedora related quora work.

The join sig will not be able to take on monitoring Quora. We're stretched already, and Quora is not aimed at getting new users to become contributors, which is the main general goal of the join sig. :crying_cat_face:

Maybe we just update the visual presentation , no other action looks prudent to me :pensive:

I will move this ticket to the Join SIG, since is more related to their work

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Hrmm.. I'm not sure this is Join related tbh. What is Join to do here? I've already said that we don't have a community presence on Quora, and this is not something I think Join should work on either---this isn't about onboarding at all, no?

If it's about setting up a new location to help with troubleshooting, interested parties should set up a Quora SIG type team and work on it. Each troubleshooting channel has it's own SIG (Ask Fedora SIG, IRC support SIG, and so on).

I've made the same comment on the Join ticket. @thelittlewonder - the starting point here would be to find others who are active on Quora and are interested in answering Fedora related questions there.

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