#275 Tweaks/amends to the "New third-party repositories" magazine post
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I just saw the new post speaking about the Workstation's new third-party repositories. Would it be possible to please amend it to include more information on how this new feature aligns with Fedora's foundations? We're working on a draft of what will become the page that Gnome software will link to here already, and @pfrields already made an editorial pass over it here too. Otherwise, given that the magazine is our primary user facing outlet of information, I worry that users will read the info here and it'd prevent them from paying enough attention to the official document.

So, it'll be good if the magazine post says the same thing, in the same way - stressing that we're committed to foss, and that it's being done to improve usability while also giving visibility to the foss alternatives? @ryanlerch @pfrields - what do you think?


@ankursinha It may be better to take this to the Fedora Magazine mailing list – the Magazine formally split from the Marketing Team in 2016.

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Ah! Sorry about that. I mailed them too. Please close this ticket :)

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