#271 Oversimplified on-boarding process
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Problem Oversimplified on-boarding

Current on-boarding steps are simple and don't provide a chance to engage: introduce self on mailing list, say hello in a meeting,and then…?

Strong need for more "easyfix" / low-hanging fruit type of tasks

Possible solution

  • Going beyond the mailing list introduction and meeting attendance
  • Break down the Tasks and roles wiki page into better communicated roles and smaller tasks (low-hanging fruit) to engage new contributors

Related ticket: https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/48

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Ticket #232 is also related.

Yes, we bypassed this problem for long time and is the case we try to put all together the related tickets.

Task and Roles are really out of date and we need to renew the concepts.
Easyfix are requested (and mandatory for a guidance into the group).

I think we need to dedicate a whole meeting to this topic, because we need to understand where have to dive in.

Every time I try (tried) to put my hands in the wiki, I gave up because each page brings me in another and then in another and then in another....

Is there a way to mark all mktg pages as "outdated" or even add them the category "mktg-obsolete"? This time we have to start from the beginning ad rewrite all the pages we need. At the moment the only page I take care of is the main one.

It is useless having all these pages if we cannot take care of. Few pages well maintained is more productive (at least until few people are working on it).

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4 years ago

also related with the ticket #262

when we can define effectively our tasks we could generate a good on boarding process, I will close this in favour of #262

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4 years ago

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