#270 Marketing task - Hooking the public magazines - question for editors.
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As discussed in the meeting held on 2017/10/03, we'd like to move forward and spread Fedora also in a more institutional way.

Due to the fact we could try to get in touch with some editors of printed magazines, please edit this issue with questions (if there are any) we should ask to them.

The questions, of course, are targeted to the publication.

My questions are:

1) compared to the release date, when would be useful to publish news?
2) which features meet the public's satisfaction?
3) what do we have to do to keep continuous contacts with editors?
4) are there scoop in the Linux distributions? If yes, what is a "scoop"?

I'm looking forward for yours.



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FWIW, Rikki Endsley worked with us on this Fedora-centered issue of Linux Magazine. It came out well, but in terms of impact I don't think it was a big success for either Fedora or for the magazine.

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