#27 Tracking (Design): Fedora skin development
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This is a tracking ticket so we can keep tabs on FI work in marketing, since marketing ultimately has responsibility for this project. Make sure the ticket is completed by the deadline, and find ways we can help!


Checking in; looks great!

Getting closer to completion, but frustrating; there are few docs on how to make zikula skins, and it seems generally pretty hack-ish. We need to see what we can do to make this much easier for the next cycle.
20:38:44 < mizmo> mchua: well this is what we have right now
20:38:55 < mizmo> mchua: i have to add the footer from the mocks, and im really
dreading that
20:39:24 < mizmo> mchua: what we have now doesn't have functioning comments and
the stuff driving the 3 top featured stories is ugly, but
simon said he'd take a look at my templates tonight and try
to add some smarts to it
20:39:29 -!- mthompson [n=Michelle@nat/redhat/x-mzctnmruocqeopup] has joined
20:39:47 < mizmo> mchua: we also dont have the rss module installed so i cant
do stuff like pulling in planet feeds but i guess thats not
super essential either
20:40:21 < mizmo> mchua: so i mean, we have something that i think is okay-ish
now. that comments don't work is, IMHO, a big problem though

Closing, doing design work in design.

Milestone F12b: Alpha to Beta deleted

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