#267 Fedora marketing task - Feature profiles - do we keep this task?
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Since is long time we don't take care of the "feature profiles" anymore, do we should keep it as marketing task?

Pros: if it would be done as the SOP page indicates (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Feature_profiles_SOP) it could be a worth improvement of the marketing job in order to advertise folks and ambassadors about the focused profiles. It means, for a well done work, we should link the feature pages and gather interview with the owners and take pictures of the feature itself.

Cons: if we don't have time/people to taking care of it, its results is a mere copy of the features listed in the Talking Points page, really useless.

My thought is that the features profiles would be the real added value for the Ambassadors group mainly for the interview with the owners.

Your thoughts?



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Discussed in 2017-11-28 meeting.

@x3mboy and I briefly discussed this and some ideas for making this a sustainable task. We decided to file a new Mindshare Committee ticket since it's a task that needs cross-project collaboration.


Since we discuss this in the last Mindshare Meeting, we will keep track of this in that Ticket and for now the ticket is "On-Hold"

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