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As usual the Marketing Team will make available the screenshots of several editions each release.

Here's the page I edited: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F27_screenshots_library

Feel free to add pictures as done in the previous pages. For a complete overview, look at this wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/F23_Screenshots where pictures was taken from the (more or less) same page/function of the desktops.



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This task will requiere people that helps. Last release I just have the time to do Workstation. I really hope that we can do at least 3 desktops. What I did last release was taking the gold image just after it was announced as "GO" and make the screenshots in a VM, if you have a better idea, please comment.

I can take screenshoots of SOAS, CINNAMON and MATE-Compiz,

I can take care about Workstation, LXDE and LXQt :dog:

I'm usually doing Plasma screenshots and I can continue doing so.

Ok, we are going to follow the Fedora 25 screenshots to know what screenshots we need to take. I'm going to do the specific for anaconda section with the Workstation live (as we agreed in meeting that anaconda should look the same in each Spin/Lab/Version). Also the GOLD images are here. I'm working with the 3 desktops I have. Please go with yours and if you can't do it, please raise your hand. Deadline will be this Sunday (as the release is at 14 and we need to have time to take any screenshot missing).
cc @bt0dotninja @mailga @jreznik

I want re do the SOAS Images again. I'm still leaning about the soas interface :sweat_smile:

Cinnamon, SoaS and Mate-Compiz are ready.

Workstation and Anaconda ready. I'm going for LXQt and LXDE.

LXQt and LXDE are ready. I'm going for XFCE and KDE. If I have the time, Also I will go for the Labs, if not, maybe tomorrow morning.

Ok, let me help with Security lab
and... done

I miss KDE. I might have some time tonight, but not sure

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