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There is a new project from Ambassadors called "Fedora User Handbook". The idea is to have a generic book for beginners that can be used among releases. Even when the original book is in Czech, the project is to make the english translation the main one and from the english version start to create translations in other languages.


The proposal is to start to read the handbook, provide feedback (or even translations when possible) and try to have the book finished to F26 Release and start to publicize it.

Actions made

Right now I'm working in the spanish translation, hoping to finish soon.


There are a lot of "Beginners books" that gain attraction but can be outdated or giving wrong information about both the distro and the community. Having one born from the community, and when all of us can be involved, updating the info and putting the right info about everything could be a great place to start and to drive new user into Fedora.

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I will close this ticket since CommOps make a call for the community to help with the book. A new one will be open when the handbook is finished

@x3mboy as per your last comment, I am closing the ticket.

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