#249 Create Fedora 26 talking points
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Create the Fedora 26 talking points wiki page and gather input from Edition Working Groups and Spin SIGs in time for the Fedora 26 release.


As discussed in our last meeting, we decided to build our talking points like normal for this release so we can make sure we have a deliverable of some sort in time for Alpha. This will help Ambassadors be able to see what's new for this coming release and have a general breakdown of the technical differences for each edition and desktop environment.

The audience-based approach will be organized in a future release. #348


  1. Make sure wiki page is in desired format for data collection
  2. Reach out to Working Groups / SIGs to get their updates for this coming release on the page
  3. Marketing team further organizes / classifies information there
  4. Agree on "final" state per each release milestone
  5. Share with Ambassadors as a community resource

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4 years ago

Workstation confirm that Talking Points are complete and Ok

LXQt Spin is finished too.

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3 years ago

:speech_balloon: Discussed in 2017-04-25 meeting.

It's looking like everything is mostly in good shape in time for the beta. A few points worth highlighting here:

  • Workstation WG and LXQt Spin agreed their points are ready (as noted above)
  • Atomic / Cloud WG is in progress (still finalizing their points)
  • No new major information for KDE this release

Additionally, @x3mboy is taking the lead on this ticket and will help monitor progress to make sure we're on target for the beta. :tada:

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