#246 Prepare report for Council sub-project report
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The Fedora Council would like to take monthly sub-project reports. Marketing could be up for the report slot on March 22nd.


As shared by @mattdm on the council-discuss mailing list was to have the report follow this structure…

  • Current status
  • Future plans
  • Needs and requests

…along with a Q&A session mixed in here and there. To complete this ticket, we should begin discussing and planning what we want to present to the Council and what we should communicate as to how Marketing might use some help from the Council to grow our efforts.

This ticket is really just a stub for now, but let's make this a discussion point at our next meeting.

Related to us preparing for this again, I found the last sub-project report to the Council on YouTube.

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:speech_balloon: Discussed in 2017-04-25 meeting.

We mostly figured out how we're planning to proceed on this. At an earlier meeting, we agreed that @bproffit and @x3mboy were going to present this together to the Council next month. In the mean time, @bproffit is going to put together an outline of the points we want to share in the report by next meeting.

Additionally, Brian is going to lead on this ticket to help keep us on target for next month. Of course, we'll all be participating / giving feedback in the process. :smile:

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I will be working with this from today. Sorry for the delay, but I was busy at work.

Hi team,

i updated the outline. Please feedback is required.

CC: @bproffit , @jflory7

Just checking: are we on for this tomorrow?

The outline is ready, we need just to update the slides. I think yes, we are ready for tomorrow. @bproffit any comment?

Did you want me to update the slides? Or you, x3mboy?

As you like. If I'm going to do it, I will do it in the afternoon (after 14:00 CLT [UTC -4]).

It will need to be you, after all. I just discovered I have View Only access.

The Council sup-project report was done sucessfully:

Ticket can be close

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