#238 Write an article on impact of Fedorahosted migration and what systems/processes were effected
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There are many questions about the Fedorahosted migration and its impact. For example - mailing lists will be impacted or not as they have "lists.fedoraproject.org" in the address.
We want to cover as many queries around the topic as we can.


To address the queries, we will write an article on impact of Fedorahosted migration and what systems/processes were effected in fedora magazine and/or commops.

@amsharma Thanks for filing this ticket! I think I misunderstood the intended direction of this article originally. As far as describing what the impact of the migration is and what systems are affected, I think the FedoraHosted sunset announcement does a good job of explaining this already. I think if someone has questions about whether a mailing list is migrated, they would be best off to ask in #fedora-admin in IRC.

However, I think an article about the impact of the migration and what people can do about it would be helpful. Some tips and examples of how to migrate or where to migrate (e.g. Pagure), how to adapt a workflow inside of Pagure (showing the CommOps, Marketing, Diversity Team, and l10n Pagures), and any other advice or guidance to migrating over. I think this is a unique angle than what was covered in Kevin's article and will be useful for people looking to migrate. What do you think?

@jflory7 +1 to the idea, even I read Kevin's post and I had similar question in meeting. It is good that you elaborated on this. I am using Pagure for opening tickets and maintaining issues, but TBH, I have not done the full migration myself, It will be good if I have a first hand experience myself or you can help me out or we can carry a small POC if that helps.


@amsharma This is definitely something I'll be glad to help with. I've ported a few Tracs over using that tool, and I have some thoughts on an "ideal" Pagure workflow, especially for teams that are heavy into tickets for planning and task management.

@jflory7 thanks. We may like to include other options as well like migrate to my own instance in OpenShift, Jira, Phabricator or github issues. and few pointer to them - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6671584/how-to-export-trac-to-github-issues etc.

@jflory7 I have written a draft, I need to work more on this, but early feedback is better :)
Thank you.

@amsharma I just finished reviewing the post. You can see a preview here.

If it looks good to you, I'll create a featured image and schedule it for 2016-10-17 (Monday).

@amsharma Not sure I follow – what's wrong?

@jflory7 the link of preview shows me "https://pagure.io/pagure-importer " , this is not the post. Please share the post link :)

Sorry for the lack of any activity on this ticket (hint: it's because of me). :P Anyways, this article was reviewed and scheduled on the CommOps mailing list. It's currently slated for Nov. 10 at 8:15 UTC. You can find a public preview of the article here. Thanks @amsharma for putting this together and being so patient…

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