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Since decided time ago, for the next release cycle we want to know on which people we can count on.
To reach the target a FAS cleaning is due; the worlkflow is asking joined people if they still want give a hand in Mkgt stuff and which task they want to follow for keep us update.

background analysis

In several meetings we found there ever are people asking for being sponsorized but most of them then disapper. For being sponsorized it needs they work at least for a couple of release.

Discussed in 2016-09-06 meeting.

@mailga is going to begin sending out emails over the next few days to follow up on interest of past members. Should have more to report in time for next week's meeting.

Hi guys!
Finally I can make it.

Before send out the mails asking if they want to work on mktg tasks again, I would share the users (FAS nicks) I never seen before; if someone knows someone of them, please add a comment explaining why we should avoid to send him the mail:

  • belcocco
  • crag
  • downey
  • fatherlinux
  • fed500
  • gbraad
  • grundblom
  • jasonbrooks
  • jwildeboer
  • ke4qqq
  • kevinverma
  • lh
  • magie
  • mattnix
  • moixs
  • mribeirodantas
  • nihed
  • nishanth
  • niteshnarayan
  • phantomhell
  • rharrison
  • rodrigop
  • sdz
  • woohuiren

I know both belcocco and mribeirodantas but at the moment there's no reason to keep them in the group.

The next meeting is the deadline for your notes. Then I'll send out the mail.



@mailga Of the names here, I know downey and woohuiren (IRC: GIANT_CRAB) have been active recently.

You can remove me from this list.
Red Hat has the better of my time.


@crag Do you mean the mailing list or somewhere else? If the mailing list, you will be able to unsubscribe here.

@mailga Any further updates on this ticket?

@mailga Any further progress on this ticket? Is there anything we can help you with for this task?

Partially done. Still have some doubts about some users. Who replied to the mail has been processed, the others not yet.

I'm closing this ticket as fixed while I'm trying to reach people didn't reply.


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