#233 Brainstorming/Ideas about a downloadable monthly version of Magazine
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There is no downloadable version of the magazine

Background Analysis

Some users like to store magazines, and prefer a monthly version where can read all articles in one publication. The main idea is to create a monthly downloadable version, in different formats like PDF, to publish all the article of each month.


Use a wordpress plugin to automate the creation of the format. Until now the proposed plugins are:


  • The good thing is the autogeneration by date, issue-based publication and simple configuration. GPLv2 Licence.
  • The cons: no table of content, no magazine cover, is just: publish this articles and goodbye.

PDF Create Station

  • The pros: Highly configurable, issue-based publication
  • The cons: One guy development make hard to update and get responses to bugs and issues found in the plugin.

@x3mboy Curious, did you have any more time to spend looking into this one?

Since this ticket is seven months old, I'm going to go ahead and close it as wontfix. We can always revisit this later if we like, but for now, I think we would want to wait for a tool that better meets our needs without fear of introducing something we can't maintain (e.g. if the plugin maintainer disappears when something breaks).

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5 years ago

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