#232 Creating low-hanging fruit tasks
Closed: Not possible 4 years ago Opened 5 years ago by jflory7.


The Marketing project does not always communicate well the work we are doing in terms of filed tickets and other recurring tasks. To help new contributors get involved, more "easyfix"-style tasks should be created that any contributor of varying experience would be able to take on.


Creating these kinds of tasks will make it easier for people to get involved and slowly work their way up to other types of tasks. This has been demonstrated (successfully) by other sub-projects.

Enhancement Recommendation

In addition to a "ticket filing frenzy", having a long-term strategy for this would be helpful. We don't just want to create these tasks for Fedora 24 and then run into the same problem next year. Looking ahead to the future would be helpful for the longevity of Marketing.

I wil close this ticket as incomplete, and I will use it as reference in the future.

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