#231 Create Fedora 25 talking points
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Every release, the Marketing team is responsible for creating talking points for the current release of Fedora. Talking points are quick overviews of new features or changes in Fedora to make it easy for people to talk about what's new in Fedora. This is especially useful for the Ambassadors.

Background analysis

  • The talking points for Fedora 24 are here.
  • The talking points for Fedora 25 will go here.
  • The standard operating procedure for creating talking points is here.

Implementation recommendation

In our 2016-07-20 meeting, we discussed trying to use Flock as a place to generate these or at least gather the information for building talking points. The deadline for these are set for 2016-08-09, but due to the timing with regards to Flock, this will likely be completed after the deadline.

Discussed in 2016-08-16 meeting.

(I'm only writing this in markdown in light of #230, so eventually this will look prettier in the future, since it's a ticket we'll probably have for a while.)


In the meeting today, we discussed moving forward on wrangling information about F25 changes and talking points. It can roughly be broken up between editions and spins.


  • Workstation: stickster is bringing up the F25 talking points at tomorrow's Workstation WG meeting (2016-08-17)
  • Server: bkp emailed the Server WG list, awaiting a response
  • Cloud: jzb unable to cover this release cycle, bkp is reaching out to Cloud WG mailing list (with jberkus as a backup contact if we fall victim to the endless email abyss dilemma)


  • Spins were contacted before
  • Idea of approaching them in their meetings
  • jflory7 to contact KDE SIG at their meeting in an hour from this time
  • Other SIGs, we need to find their meeting times and/or individual mailing lists to post to

Discussed in 2016-09-06 meeting.

We've had a lot more feedback and additions to the page. We're going to give it another week for people to make their edits, and then we're going to switch gears to the beta release announcement.

We're entering the beta phase now, so the need for talking points is no longer. As brought up in the meeting, this ticket is being marked as complete!

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