#223 Create Social Media Accounts for Fedora on Diaspora and GNU Social
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We have discussed about it here


Joe Brockmeier raised few question such as

1) How are we managing the new accounts?

2) Who has the "keys" to the account?
a) We need more than one person, and ideally folks who are "accountable" to Fedora. (e.g., Matthew Miller, someone on the council, etc.)
3) Do we have a plan for managing them? Who's taking responsibility for that.

If you guys need any help with managing, I can help you with the same

Adding to tonight's meeting agenda!

I have set up a Diaspora account for Fedora on the diasp.org pod. We do need to address the storage of login and password information. I have stored the password within a Rattic database we use in OSAS for such information, but we will need to figure out a way to get these "keys" stored in a way that Fedora community members will be able to access them.

Replying to [comment:1 duffy]:

How about ello.co?

I would say ello is cool but it's proprietary :( and centralized (so you really don't have control over your own data) so I have not added it to the list

If you think that it would help us in the marketing then we can discuss about it in the mailing list and create a new ticket about the same

'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-05-11/marketing.2016-05-11-20.55.html 2016-05-11 meeting].'''

= GNU Social =

We decided against pursuing a presence on GNU Social from lack of knowledge, the hands to actively maintain a presence there, and a few other factors. Maybe in the future we can pursue it, but for now, we will hold back to make sure that we responsibly represent our brand on the platforms we are present on.

= Diaspora =

We now have an official presence on Diaspora! You can find our community quickly by using the shortened link, [https://dia.so/fedora dia.so/fedora]. We are on the diasp.org pod, and you can find the Fedora account [https://diasp.org/u/fedora here].

Big thanks to bproffit and all others involved in making this happen!

Forgot to mark this ticket from "open" to the right milestone it was completed under, "Fedora 23"… sorry for the extra email.

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