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'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-02-17/marketing.2016-02-17-21.56.html 2016-02-17 meeting].'''

= What =
In the meeting, we discussed the need to readdress our Join process and help make it easier to identify the point where someone can officially be inducted into the Marketing Team. Membership in the FAS group should only be awarded after active participation. What defines active participation?

= How =
Identifying key milestones new participants can reach is important for us to determine when someone can be approved into the FAS group.

The Join page should be evaluated and seen if anything can be updated or added. We should make mention of our Trac as a place to see what Marketing is working on.

What else can we "show" as what Marketing is working on currently?

= When =
It would be best to fit this into this upcoming release cycle for Fedora 23.

Just some thoughts:

What defines active participation?

For me, I'm living in the Asia region (specifically, Singapore) and it is not very possible to attend meetings due to timezone differences. However, I do read marketing list emails and meeting minutes. Due to that, I do not think that being unable to attend meetings should be considered "inactive".

I do not respond to most of the emails unless I feel I have something I can contribute (less noise is good). So occasional replies should be considered as "active participation".

Other than that, I'm also doing local marketing (Twitter, meetups [this is more of ambassador], Facebook and blog [fedora planet]). I think these small activities should be considered as "active participation". It should not just be limited to Fedora Magazine blogging; Fedora Planet blogging should also be considered as active participation.

The Join page should be evaluated and seen if anything can be updated or added.

I've seen on the IRC meeting logs that someone has suggested a "review process". I'm all for it but do take note that some folks might not have contributed anything in the past and they want to start off. So how are we going to evaluate this specific group of people's passion?

What else can we "show" as what Marketing is working on currently?

Upcoming events, to-do stuff. We can suggest marketing ideas on the mailing list (FOSS ASIA, Tech In Asia) and if accepted, wiki page should be updated accordingly. Lots of manual work but if there's a better way to do it, I'm all for it.


Overall, I think Fed Marketing has done an excellent job with marketing but what about onboarding new members or perhaps just get folks to contribute to other Fed stuff? Should we hold an annual marketing event where we try to get people to contribute to Fedora... or?

Note - I don't know if an annual event is sufficient because that assumes we can focus all interest at that one moment in time.

I emailed my proposal for what constitutes active engagement, but I'll repeat here:

Just participating in a discussion on the list is not a contribution.

So what are some of the things that are contributions?

  • Managing talking points for one or more editions, or parts of Fedora (a spin, a major feature, etc.).

  • Writing / compiling a release announcement - or contributing a large section to a release announcement. [Fixing a comma splice is not really a significant contribution. Managing a section on the Workstation Edition is.]

  • Working to create one or more flyers or information sheets for an edition, Fedora overall, etc.

  • Substantial work helping clean up the Marketing wiki.

  • Creating materials for Fedora Ambassadors for an event, or talking points for an event or events.

  • Any observable significant and useful contribution that moves Fedora Marketing forward during a release cycle.

  • Mentor and bring in new contributors to marketing. We should be totally good with granting membership to anybody who spends a lot of time teaching other people the ropes, even if that means their fingerprints are not as visible on the finished product as if they created it solo.

"The Join page should be evaluated and seen if anything can be updated or added."

I'd like to remove the bit about the FAS group. People should be added to the marketing FAS after a release cycle where they've made a substantial contribution, not before. There's nothing I'm aware of that requires FAS credentials to do work in Marketing. If there is something that requires a "marketing" bit to do meaningful work, let's remove that barrier.

'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-03-02/marketing.2016-03-02-21.55.html 2016-03-02 meeting].'''

= Agreement =
In the meeting, we reviewed jzb's above proposed ideas for constitutes an active Marketing member and elaborated on what contributions to the Marketing team look like. We all agreed that these guidelines looked good and we approved them in the meeting.

= Remaining work =
All that is left is to take these above mentioned guidelines and officially incorporating them into our wiki "Join" page. jzb took on the responsibility for updating the "Join" page with these new guidelines. We'll check in next week on the status of this ticket if it isn't closed before then. Thanks jzb for taking this on.

'''Discussed in [https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-03-09/marketing.2016-03-09-21.55.html 2016-03-09 meeting].'''

jzb has it on his agenda to rewrite the wiki "Join" page sometime this week. Once this is complete, this ticket can be closed.

This is done. Closing ticket.

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