#208 emails not coming out of the magazine
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emails from the wordpress instance seem to not be working (IIRC, they have never worked).

we have a feedback form that regularly gets comments, but we only see them if someone goes into the feedback page in the admin interface.

i am pretty sure wordpress does send an email here, but for some reason its not working.

it would also be nice to have emails if a new post is created.


What email address is the feedback form supposed to be hooked up to anyways?

We should ask puiterwijk about this. It appears that the feedback form is supposed to email marketing@lists.fedoraproject.org, but I would guess this does not happen. I have never seen any emails.

This might have been the ticket Patrick asked me about last week. I'm putting this on the agenda to get it in motion or at least back on the discussion table.

Since I'll be doing some work on the Magazine / CommBlog with my GSoC project proposal, I'm going to mark this meeting off of the meeting agenda and defer it to a future time. It's a non-essential issue right now.

It's been over a year since this ticket was filed, and I have not seen a complaint or example of this issue since. If it is still a problem, it's probably better for a new ticket to be filed. Going to close this ticket now since it's pretty dated and there's not much recent info to confirm it as a problem.

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