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I have an idea - maybe others can find it useful. I see lot of useful printable marketing stuffs, but I would like to have them as a form of repository, common place - that instead of hunting where can an ambassador - the most actualized and legally allowed, freely printable marketing stuff - find.

Basic concept is just have an single address or command (maybe dnf make eventbox) that actually can create an "Eventbox", like copr, or sync-able fedorapeople storage.

This way not only can solve problems that what can an ambassador take to events and print it if necessary, else with this we can help mentors (like me) to give new ambassadors a starter pack - to be able to have basic easily printable fedora desk stuff.

To this way I would like to create some easily printable timeless A3 sized posters, and put into the set some flyers, stickers set and such - but my question is this:

What would you create to achieve this - and what would you put in this event box? What would be the "poor man's" eventbox that actually you can print and run an booth?

Eg. Foldable name plate to the desk, some foldable cd holder with some artwork, generic foldable cd sleeves....

= Creating the "eventbox" =

Hi Zoltan, sorry it has taken so long for this ticket to receive a response. Now that we're back on a regimented meeting schedule, hopefully long delays like this will not happen again, going forward.

I like the idea of having this "eventbox" of resources in a single, unified place so it is easy for Ambassadors across the world to find the resources they need, download them, and then print and create everything they might need. In my own time as an Ambassador in North America, I see a lot of potential in this and I think there are ways we can combine existing resources into a single place.

= Where to discuss =

When this ticket was filed, the [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CommOps CommOps] team was not yet a thing. However, now that they are here, I believe this is a task they could help with. I see this as a community need in terms of improved communication and distribution across Marketing and the Ambassadors.

I've CC'd decause and the CommOps list to this ticket. I'm going to tentatively close the ticket here, but open a "duplicate" of it on the CommOps Trac so we can get some increased exposure about this need over there.

Thanks again for filing!

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