#189 proposal for a double interview for fedmag.
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I'm proposing to ask uncomfortable questions (related to Fedora) to a couple of fedora main contributors in order to publish replies in parallel in the fedmag.

The goals are:

1) show transparency;
2) show free thought;

Questions could be gathered from contributors and the five (ten?) most uncomfortable will be chosen.

I know there's no need to demonstrate transparency and free thoughts, but sometimes I hear people not convinced about that.

What do you mean by "uncomfortable"? I don't think I understand what you want to accomplish.

moving to Magazine Story Ideas Component since this is in the break/fix Component for the magazine.

Hello Matthew,

I know, it's hard to understand without examples.

Let me explain what I see in the interview around the net. When someone asks questions to you as FPL (e.g), that questions are a bit too soft (IMHO), and they are related mainly to your work for the project.
I never seen questions just like: "what do you blame to the earlier FPL?", or "Do you really think the fedorians like your three products? Why?"
Ideally on the other side there's a previous FPL that answers to the same question "what do you blame to the FPL?, "Do yu really think the fedorians like the three products? Why?
My intention is give voice to the ones that really have question to ask and that don't dare to ask.

Something like "all you wanted to ask, but you never dared".

Obviously we can avoid questions about systemd.... :-D

Hope to have explained a bit my idea.

No feedback, so proposal rejected

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