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#18 Solicit LUG proposals on FUDCon events

Created 8 years ago by mchua
Modified 3 years ago

Due August 31st.

  1. Identify the main contacts for Toronto-area LUGs (since the next FUDCon is in Toronto)
  2. Get in touch with each LUG contact, letting them know about FUDCon, asking if their LUG would be interested in participating, and asking for ideas from their LUG on what they'd like to see at FUDCon.
  3. Collect all the answers together and email the Marketing mailing list with the results.

(Feedback from non-Toronto LUGs would be great as well, so if you know a LUG near you, please add their thoughts here too!)

Contacted Richard Weait, an organizer of OnLinux, LUGOR (LUG of Rochester NY) and WNY LUG in Buffalo NY. Will update this ticket as I have responses. ~Karlie Robinson

Ping. Karlie, thanks for taking this on - did you hear back from anyone? I'll try to find you on IRC and see what LUGs and places there are left to ping.

Charley Wang and Jon VanAlten, interns at the Red Hat Toronto office, are on their way to http://www.tlug.org/wiki/Main_Page tonight, armed with FUDCon announcement. Yay interns! Updates forthcoming.

11:53 < vanaltj> mchua: so visit to GTALUG last week was success. one of their exec is now preregistered, and he's willing to send out announcement(s?) to their announce-list by proxy.

''The letter I'm going to be sending to local LUGs.''

FUDCon Toronto 2009, the upcoming Fedora Users and Developers Conference in Toronto from December 5-7, needs your help, o wonderful local LUGs!


Fedora is a popular Linux distribution; our mission is about the rapid progress of Free and Open Source software. FUDCon is where our community gets together and simultaneously celebrates and sprints towards the future - and we'd love it if you could join us and help us figure out what that future should look like. Namely, we'd love to have participation from local LUGs, particularly with turning FUDCon into an opportunity to introduce folks from and near Toronto to open source - and we need ideas on how to do just that.

We will have some special “getting-started” user sessions on Saturday, December 5, as well as our always-popular developer tracks and hackfests throughout the length fo the conference. We’re also planning some sort of refereed or pre-sorted content, in addition to BarCamp format talks, so everyone will be able to find something they like. Some of our ideas are at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009#Technical_sessions_-_Saturday, but we would love to hear yours - how would you shape the schedule?

Please give us ideas for sessions and hackfests you’d like to see! Outreach for kids? A gaming corner? An artists' studio with Inkscape tutorials running? A keysigning party? A session on marketing for open source projects? Invite a local high school newspaper to cover a "how did you get started with open source?" storytelling circle? A helpdesk where we can pool together and tackle the weirdest setups, questions, and bugs you've always wanted to work out? A lunch gathering on education? An installfest? A test day? A kernel hacking party?

We need your ideas! Email the fudcon-planning (https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/fudcon-planning) list with your thoughts on what would make this FUDCon really cool, and how we could use it to help you build your presence and momentum here in Ontario - we're looking forward to hearing your brainstorms, and to seeing you all in December!

Thanks muchly,

--Mel Chua on behalf of the FUDCon Planning Crew

PS: If you can come, pre-registration is already open on the wiki (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009#Pre-registration), where you can find loads of other information and maps as well. Pre-registering gets you a couple extras, like lunch each day, a bit of schwag, and a pass to FUDPub. But FUDCon is absolutely free to attend, whether you pre-register or not, and FUDCon is open to everyone, since time immemorial. (Or at least since we started having them years ago.)

We'll be repinging LUGs along with all the other local groups during our last round(s) of "hey, FUDCon is almost here" notifications, but this particular ticket is past its useful shelf life.

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