#177 Trifold layout for mktg team - Fedora.next presentation
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In order to satisfy Zoltan's request for producing an introduction to Fedora.Next (see [https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2014-July/016168.html here]), I've opened a ticket in the Design trac ([https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/333 here]) requesting a background.
Text to fill in is in [https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2014-August/016180.html this post].

Maybe is it the case to include in a larger work of press realizations, to handle with the "Press Contacts and Materials" sub-project.

Maliga, is this ticket still valid, or can I close it?

Hello Ankur,

I opened this ticket because Zoltan needed a press introduction to fednext for event he was going to attend, but I had some problems after opening this ticket so I never been able to moving forward.
I was just wondering if we really need this kind of introduction (there a draft of the text linked) or if it is out of date.

You are working about flyer for each product, maybe an introduction still make sense.




Well, as jzb explained, the flyers aren't top priority. Plus, I'm only working on the workstation flyer at the moment - I haven't been working on the other editions. Let's leave this open for the time being, maybe we can do something later?

I agree.

IMO it would be useful publish the whole press kit at the same moment.

Tagged not-urgent this ticket with minor priority.


This event has happened last year, and as we hadn't any requested presskit, I had to compose from scratch an article to make a basic introduction to Fedora and a little bit of .next as the chief editor of PcWorld HU has wished. Good news that the article has successfully went to print (although they made a little glich in the booklet), but still feel the pain when we don't have any good centralized resource that we can give out/share for the press people. Flyers are one thing, but when it goes to the greater public... I really would like to cry a Fedora Marketing river. If you would like to know what am I thinking, just locate on the net the Firefox Press Center [https://blog.mozilla.org/press/ here], where you can have request form to have speaker at bigger events (in Fedora view: any ambassador would like to have someone at upcoming event or a hiring booth at the upcoming event, or maybe I would like to have my FPL to attend, or RH HR outreach people), or reviewers guide about the features (yes, we had once talking points flyers but not anymore), you can get qualified press quality images with right colors (instead of hunting from the net or making your own), and fast facts are summarizing cool things about the product and you can clearly have the leaders small bio, or contacts that maybe you can interview.... So, how can I help, or where we begin, because I really feel the need to have .Next Marketing, and Press Center.



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