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As Matthew Miller pointed out in ambassadors list[1], it would be great to have a way to translate his posts into other languages. This would no require translators to have an WP account, since we could use our wiki to coordinate the l10n efforts.

The goal is basically to have the possibility to store all languages alternatives for each post in the same post. After the l10n work is finished in the wiki, someone should post them in WP.

[1] https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2014-April/022359.html

Why we should enable it? Each community (for example in Greece where I live) we have our community site http://el.fedoracommunity.org/ . If a local community would like to translate a post, they could add it to their community site. In my opinion it will be very complicated, because some posts will be translated, some others will not (and most probably will never be) and it will be a bit of a mess. Also, we have a static flow of posts in the magazine now, (and the number is getting bigger) so thinking that translating a posts will take a while, it will be old news ;)

I would suggest that if a person would like to translate a post from the magazine, he/she should add it in their community site..

What do you guys think?

This plugin has bad reviews and caused issues on the staging instance. We really could use a translation plugin but it has to pass performance and stability in the staging instance. I am closing this ticket out, if you would like to try a different one, we can put it in staging and go from there.

  • Chris Roberts

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