#160 Fedora magazine "head" for planet
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I don't know if the planet has a way to handle multi-author blogs better -- everything on the magazine gets posted as "Fedora Magazine (admin)". If it does, that would be most ideal.

Failing that, let's at least change it so the graphic isn't the generic http://planet.fedoraproject.org/images/heads/default.png

We can easily change the head, just give me a link. ;)

The reason it says 'admin' there is that it's in the base planet config. If it was in someone elses .planet it would say their username (this was added so you could tell what user was responsible for what feed). There's no way to make it parse username from the feed that I know of.

One way to handle this is to use the per-author feeds. For example, Matt's is:


Frequent contributors should be able to add these to their own Planet feeds. Not sure how we could handle this for one-offs, though... I don't suppose the Planet config could accept a wildcard and just Do the Right Thing with the author?

Could we use this logo?


ok. I have updated the logo/head. ;)

I don't think a wildcard will work. ;(

here is a quick new "head" for the planet that is closer to the refreshed theme in fedora magazine.


Replying to [comment:4 ryanlerch]:

here is a quick new "head" for the planet that is closer to the refreshed theme in fedora magazine.


That looks good to me!

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Completed upstream. Thanks Kevin! nirik++

All future Magazine posts on the Planet should reflect the new logo (if I recall correctly, past posts will not update with the new image).

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