#155 try jetpack one more time, but very conservatively
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by mattdm.

It looks like Jetpack ships with a ton of stuff enabled by default but which
isn't actually the things I'm interested in. What about trying again but
with just just Subscriptions and Markdown enabled? Then if those don't cause
problems, we can turn on other things one by one as there is interest. (Next
candidates -- Notifications, Likes, Infinite Scroll, Contact Form. Oh -- and
there's an RSS feed button widget.)

In fact, since Subscriptions would be really useful and markdown just Nice
to Have, I'd be fine with starting with just that and then adding Markdown
once that seems okay.

And we could even go another level and have it installed with everything
disabled for a few days, just to make sure that the baseline assumption is


at the very least, just enable the stats would be awesome

I will look at implementing this later tonight in the low traffic hours and see what the log shows as far as errors and mysql performance.

Jetpack light is installed which gives us the stats. I watched the logs last night for any errors or performance issues. I dont see anything coming from Jetpack and so far we are getting some awesome reporting from the plugin. Lots of visits from twitter and so far the biggest page is the heartbleed cve.

Going to close this ticket, I will keep a watch on the logs to see if anything odd comes up.

Hey Chris -- this is great for the stats (+1) but I'd also like comment subscriptions, notifications, and, hopefully, markdown.

Hey Mat,

I will enable what you suggested

There is a plugin called "Manual Control for Jetpack" which keeps updates of Jetpack from enabling new modules automatically. We probably want that.

Removed Jet Pack Lite and turned on Comment form/removed the comment form plugin that was separate and no performance issues or errors in the logs as I watched it. Marking this ticket as closed since Jetpack is enabled and the individual modules just need to be turned on as we need them.

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