#144 Proposal to have a complete Fedora show in Linux Action Show
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We have a plenty of new upcoming or already running awesome service, but most of them are unknown to the public. It would be a great marketing bomb to create mail, or a page where we gather and keep alive in front of the public most of them, and strengthen the image little bit that we are the developers and engineers distro. I think here the introduction of developer assistant, tito, copr, pulp, katello, and more. Have a page with out project, and project logos, and include this within the Fedora.NEXT changes.

I propose also to contact with Chris Fisher (ChrisLAS jupiterbroadcasting.com) Matt or with Matt Hartley (Datamotion writer, and co-host of the LAS), and ask an full show that makes it able for us to cooperate together, and gain more contributors. As Linux Action Show is one of the most popular video podcasts, we can gain a lot of people, and high interest.

Hi zoltanh721,

Are you still interested in this proposal? Can you elaborate on what tasks need to be done for this, for example?

Hi Ankur,

Yes, still interested to have nice press for us. IMHO our best chance would be to invite the team to our upcoming FLOCK 2015 event. I have sent an request as the LAS team has interest to visit us in Rochester or not, and I have received an response and a contact.

'As a Fedora user I would LOVE to come to your event and checking my Google calendar it doesn't look like we have anything on the books for August. I can't say for sure as neither Chris nor I have the brain power to think about this until after SELF.'

Thank you for reaching out, I hope I can make it!

Noah J. Chelliah linuxactionshow@jupiterbroadcasting.com

So, if we returning after SELF event (June 12-14, 2015) to this, I try it again to have a confirmation, and some key members too to have interviews, or live show at the event place if that is possible, and steps no one's toes.
Fingers crossed.

Hi Zoltahn,

This sounds really good. If it's at Flock, though, I think the main Flock organisers will need to be consulted about this - maybe mail the flock-planning list to get a discussion started?

https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/flock-planning - I think Pfrields and Decause would be the right people to speak to.

Thanks for working on this,

Agreed. Definitely post to flock-planning mailing list, and I'll keep an eye on the thread.

My last answer about the chance that we gonna have LAS on Flock are minimal, I think - sadly. Here is the last mail from Noah, one of the LAS hosts.

Hi Zoltan,

It appears that this year it's going to be very difficault to attend FLOCK. We will defiantly be looking at putting on >the calendar for next year. Evidently Chris has a wedding that weekend and it comes just a day or so after LinuxCon >which we are already committed to. I'm working with one of our producers to see if we could do something smaller this >year and bigger next year and I'll get back to you when that becomes finalized.


If I get further response, I mail over here too.

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