#142 Create F20 screenshots
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create screenshots of new F20 features and upload to the wiki. Action item for me, Roshi has offered to help as well. assigning to me and cc roshi.

I'm already on F20. I'll try taking some and helping out with this too.

Those look good to me. How in-depth should we be going?

These are looking good :) Roshi I think we should take screenshots covering everything and then we can maybe have a vote for the best ones or the most practical ones. I am going to upload mine this weekend. I think screenshots covering changes with multiple desktops would also be nice. I am going to include some screenshots of Gnome, Mate, and Cinnamon.

I thought about taking screenshots of KDE etc., but most changes there seem to be under the hood. I'll check again and take screesshots nevertheless.

Note: Apache OpenOffice will not make it to F20 as a feature. Skipping.

I finally got the screenshots for LXDE. They're in a tarball [http://roshi.fedorapeople.org/LXDE.tar.gz here] on my fedorapeople page.

Chris, do you think we have enough of them to put up on the wiki now? Are we to put them all of them up, or do we pick and choose?

Thank you roshi, I'll pick the LXDE screenshot up for the websites too.

Btw, is there any F20 KDE desktop screenshot in 4:3 resolution? We will switch to 16:9 screenshots for F21. I see the actual KDE screenshot Ankur uploaded is in 16:9, so maybe you can help us with this last missing one on the websites.

F20 has been released, closing this ticket.

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