#137 Fedora 22 Flyer for Server product
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by jzb.

Fedora flyer for LinuxCon EU (also reusable) for server topics.

Hi Jiri,

Could you please attach the flyer to the ticket if you completed it? I'll put it up somewhere and add it to this page that lists marketing goodies for Ambassadors:


Warm regards,

I'll work on this. I've mailed the server ML requesting text to put in the flyer.

Hi Tuan

I replied to the mailing list. The text there is not user friendly at all, and cannot be included as is in the flyer. It needs to be "marketing speak" - so that users that read the flyer at an event would be encouraged to look at the server product. I've created an initial version that uses text from the f22 release announcement for the time being. However, this cannot be used in its current state. More text is needed, more images if possible and so on.


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