#133 Update Firefox bookmarks for F20 release
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Check and update Firefox booksmarks pointing to F20 information.

I'm not sure we need an update, but review would be nice. We did it after some time with Ruth last time. In case you'd like to do update, let me know. Last time Honza Horak did the update for us, so I'll ping him.

One of the questions is Fedora Magazine - are there any plans to revive that? Link is in bookmarks... Otherwise we don't have any versioned links in the package.


The magazine is coming along nicely :) fedoramagazine.org Thank you for the update on the bookmarks. I will do a review of them and if one needs an update I will let you know and post the results on this ticket as well.

Hi Chris, Jaroslav,

I just had a look at the bookmarks here:


The bookmarks look quite up to date. Here are the links it has at the moment:

  • docs.fp.o
  • fp.o
  • ask.fp.o
  • fedoramagazine.org
  • planet.fp.o
  • fedoraforums
  • fp.o/join-fedora
  • fedora-release-notes on local system: '''The location is wrong.''' Should be: file:///usr/share/doc/fedora-release-notes-19/en-US/index.html for F19, and similarly. for F20.
  • redhat.com
  • jboss.org
  • opensource.com
  • opensourceway.org
  • wikipedia
  • librivox
  • openclipart
  • freesound
  • creativecommons

$ yum whatprovides '/usr/share/doc/HTML/fedora-release-notes/index.html'
No matches found

The local fedora-release notes is the only update required.

I'm attaching a patch for F19 that I created using the http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_bookmarks_SOP

It'll need to be updated again for F20 (s/19/20/ in that one line)


Patch updating local release note link for F19

I think the release notes have been updated now. Closing this ticket.

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