#128 Press Release for FUDCon KL 2012
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Could we have a press-release for FUDCon KL 2012 which is happening this May?. We are planning to distribute it to local newspapers and news sites.

We are originally planning to produce our own but FPL said that marketing might want to do and approve it.

In term of dateline, .. erm .. is 27th March too short?, or more than enough?. The earlier the better of course


Hi all,

here is the current press release that the local team worked on which y'all might want to go through and fix any problems.



I would suspect that for us to be using the Red Hat name in association with the stock market ticker that I will need to work with Red Hat PR, since they would need to send it out if we are choosing to invoke their name and stock market information. And thus, we would need to provide the regional Red Hat PR person as the press contact. I will talk with the PR foks here and see if they can get in contact with the APAC marketing folks to see if they are able to do a press release for this event. We don't typically do full-blown press releases for FUDCons, but they may be able to arrange something locally with Media in Malaysia.

Hi robyn,

I forgot to mention, the text was modified from the EMEA press release here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxTag_2009_Press_Publications#Press_release and they used a Fedora Ambassador in the press contact.

Anyway, I'm ok with removing the stock market information / mention of RH if that is not necessary.

Not sure if this was done or not, but the event is passed. I don't see any reason to leave this ticket open...

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