#126 Create a wiki page for magazine covermount information
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We often get inquiries from magazines asking for permission to bundle one or more Fedora discs with a future issue. This is a fairly routine process as long as the disc is an unmodified copy of Fedora media (i.e. an official release). Some interaction with Red Hat Legal is required to send out an agreement to the magazine.

We can speed up that interaction and the overall process if we have a page that tells magazines what they need to provide, and to whom, for a covermount agreement. Generally we need the following information, sent to the ''press@fp.o'' address:

  • The name (d/b/a) and address of the company producing the magazine
  • The exact disc(s) that are to be bundled
  • Contact information for the person making the request

Once that page has been created, please don't forget to link it from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines because this should be the central landing page for all legal requirements.

Milestone F14a: Pre-alpha deleted

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