#122 Docs project feature story
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Interview with sparks.

18:15 < Sparks> rbergeron: So... Somehow I got tasked, in my own meeting mind you,
to write up an article about the new docs.fp.o
18:16 < Sparks> rbergeron: And I was thinking it would be better to discuss that AND
our documentation
18:16 < Sparks> rbergeron: But I have NO idea how to write it and I really don't
have a lot of time to spend on it.
18:16 < Sparks> so...
18:16 < Sparks> rbergeron: HELP!
18:19 < Sparks> please
18:19 < Sparks> :)

18:23 < Sparks> rbergeron: well, I'd like to talk about the Docs Project and
why it's important to provide documentation... then maybe talk
about our open source tools that we use to do our job... then
maybe talk more about Publican and the new docs.fp.o

Publican is made by RH - might make a good additional part of story - Rudi works on it. Talk to him!

Not sure if this was ever done, but I think that a docs story or stories would be good for Fedora Magazine and to promote on the bookfaces, plustweets, etc.

Thoughts on the folks who should be interviewed?

This one is old, and the docs site is now over 5 years old -- no real need to do an interview about the new docs site.

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