#116 Procure the @fedora twitter account
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Paul sent over to RH legal some text that I had drafted on the matter in preparation for transmission to Twitter and Legal's wise recommendation is that they follow up with Twitter directly. We need to insure that the issue doesn't become stale and/or fall through the cracks.

(10:17:53 AM) ke4zvu3: stickster: i presume no word still from RH legal regarding the @fedora twitter account ?
(10:18:09 AM) stickster: ke4zvu3: Not yet, but the attorney handling it is at a conference this week
(10:18:21 AM) ke4zvu3: stickster: ok thanks
(10:18:23 AM) stickster: I'll check with the person who normally sits second chair to see if he can check on it

Paul reported earlier today that we did indeed hear from Twitter and they are in the process of getting the account migrated over to us and that it may take a few days for them to do that. Paul stated that he would follow up with me if/when he hears more.

We now have the account secured, technically owned by me, but it will be managed by Fedora Marketing team. I've set up HootSuite and invited Jonathan Nalley and Robyn to manage the account, and will give them "advanced" privileges so they can manage additional ownership without needing me.

Next up, we need to come up with a strategy for transition. I'm going to invite some of the folks in Red Hat who might have dealt with social networking transitions to join us on the marketing list with ideas and advice.

Milestone F13d: Follow-up deleted

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