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#10 Publish Jack's FI feature ideas to wiki/trac

Created 8 years ago by mchua
Modified 3 years ago

Jack has a number of great ideas for FI features (both for the F12 cycle and looking forward) and should publish them to the wiki and/or Trac, then email the Marketing list the appropriate link(s) for discussion.

Wiki and Trac links are below.


Some specs to start with, from the meeting log at http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-08-04/fedora-meeting.2009-08-04-20.00.log.html:

  • FI workflow consideration: translation tracking with transifex
  • FI feature request: stats for % and # items translated and distributed
  • FI spec ideal: full translations of all items on all FI language sites. (Need to see how close we realistically can get to this.)

Milestone F12a: Pre-Alpha deleted

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