#9 Cockpit Article Series
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By: Shaun Assam @sassam

1\. Updated Features and Overview

a) Introduction
Comparison of new features and updates made to the web service UI since the last article [Overview of Cockpit] — this includes login screen and privilege-mode option, remote management home screen overview, Cockpit configuration settings (Authorization option will reference later article.)
Summarize and list the articles in the series, introduce first topic [1b].

b) Cockpit UI and Web Service
Menu/UI Items
System overview: System information, joining a domain, tuned performance profiles, change host name, configure NTP servers and time zones, metrics logging, system performance graphs [*pr].
Dashboard: Viewing system performance stats for localhost and other servers [$pr].
Terminal: Using the server’s Terminal web console.
Documentation and help: `man` pages, developing modules, translating styles and HTML code.

Package Reference
* cockpit-ws
* cockpit-bridge
* cockpit-system
$ cockpit-dashboard
# cockpit-doc

2\. System Management Tools

= Menu/UI Items

== Hardware Configuration
Storage: RAID, LVM, and standard disk management [$pr].
Networking: Ethernet adaptor(s) configuration, creating a bridge/bond network with two adaptors [#pr].

Accounts: Creating, deleting and modifying system accounts.
Services: Managing system services.
389 Directory Server: Managing the 389 Directory server with reference to directory.fedoraproject.org/docs/389ds/howto/quickstart.html [!pr].

==Software Management
Applications: Viewing and managing installed applications [*pr].
System Updates: Applying system updates (RPM and OSTree).

Package Reference
* cockpit-ostree
* cockpit-packagekit
# cockpit-networkmanager
$ cockpit-storaged
! cockpit-389-ds

3\. Security Tools and Reporting Services

= Menu/UI Items

Logs: Ooops! message in top menu, reference to the metrics option on front page, viewing logs.
SELinux: Demonstrates the options to view SELinux alerts and apply policy changes [*pr].
Kernel Dump: Explains what the kernel dump is used for and how to collect debugging information with Cockpit [$pr].
Design Patterns (needs confirmation): github.com/cockpit-project/cockpit-design
Session Recording: Demonstrate Bash session recording [%pr].
Diagnostic Reports: How to generate diagnostics reports for troubleshooting and auditing [@pr].
React Patterns (needs confirmation): github.com/pauloamgomes/cockpit-react-example, reactpatterns.com, medium.com/@joomiguelcunha/react-patterns-you-should-know-da86568372fa
Exceptions (needs confirmation): cockpit-project.org/guide/149/cockpit-error.html

Package Reference
* cockpit-selinux
! cockpit-pcp pcp.io
$ cockpit-kdump
@ cockpit-sosreport
% cockpit-session-recording
^ cockpit-tests github.com/cockpit-project/starter-kit/blob/master/README.md?

4\. Container and Virtual Machine Management

= Menu/UI Items

Virtual Machines: Summarize package requirements, create, modify and remove VM guests using the Cockpit UI, configuring storage pools and virtual networks [%pr].
Docker/Podman Containers: Overview of Docker/Podman page, pulling images, creating, starting and destroying containers [*pr].
Image Builder: Demonstrates using Cockpit UI to build images [#pr].

Package Reference
* cockpit-podman
# cockpit-composer
% cockpit-machines

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