#74 GStreamer 1.0 10 year annivesary
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I would like to put together an interview to be published early next year with some of the key GStreamer developers in conjunction with it being 10 years since GStreamer 1.0 was released next year. The Interview is mean to be a mix of a retrospective and some forward looking stuff.


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When you have started working on your article, Christian, please let us know in a comment on this card.
Thanks again.

@uraeus Any progress on this article? I know it's pretty early in the new year but I thought I'd check.

@uraeus Have you had a chance to move forward with your anniversary article?

@uraeus It appears that this article may have to be an 11th anniversary article :smile:

Are you still planning on creating this article? If not, that is fine. Please let us know so we can close it rather than continuing to track it.


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