#54 Using the BespokeSynth modular synthesizer on Fedora
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I propose to write an article about BespokeSynth a new modular synthesizer environment. This synth has been packaged for Fedora 33, 34 and 35.

ycollet/linuxmao Copr for Fedora 33 and 34
ycollet/audinux Copr for Fedora 35


I started writing the article.
I've got some texts and pictures.
I will need around 2 weeks to finalize this article.
Where can I start to write the article ?

@ycollet That is the correct place. Thanks for the update.

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Nearly ready. I will do a last check tomorrow.

Thanks Yann. LGTM. Since this article is about Copr software, the standard disclaimer "Copr is not officially supported by Fedora infrastructure. Use packages at your own risk." will need to be added to the article.

Thanks for the heads up.
I added a disclaimer in the installation section and also a disclaimer about the fact that I am the manager of these COPR repositories.

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I think the article is now ready. Maybe some english adjustment, but the content is there ...

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7 months ago

@ycollet: Sorry for putting this off until the last minute. I've made an editing pass on your article. Please let me know ASAP here in the comments section of this card if you see any problems/corrections that need to be made. This is schedule to go out tomorrow, Wednesday the 1st at 08:00 UTC.


I am checking right now ...

Just made my last fixes.
I added a link to the MIDI page on wikipedia on the first occurence of "MIDI".
It's OK for me !
Thanks a lot for your work. The article is easier to read :)

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